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The Elite - Kiera Cass I think I am done with this series.

America is getting on my nerves. Mary Sue alert. There are several times in this book she should have gotten herself killed. She's not smart enough to live, even in this dystopia-lite. From continuing to secretly see and kiss Aspen after watching her friend get the skin flayed of her hand in public for doing the same, from choosing not to leave after doing things that will make her life difficult. It's the degree to which she does these things that bump her over from brave to stupid. Having a philanthropy project that talks about mobility between the castes? Great. Proposing the elimination of all castes while waving around a secret book you shouldn't have? In Panem, she would have been shot on live television.

I am also really really tired of love triangles/octagons. I expect some because I read YA but this harping for an entire book on whether or not you love option A and option B while completely being dishonest to one of them and the weight of an oppressive government hanging over your head without making any clear or firm decisions one way or the other for more than half a chapter is tiresome.

I also really don't like the whole the-King-is-abusive plotline. I don't think it's realistic and it reeks of plot before character and the author needed to make Maxon sympathetic again.

Also for fuck's sake, quit with the slut-shaming of Celeste. We get it. She's mean. She's eviiiiiiiiiil. She only loves the crown. And of course, she's sexually forward because she's offering her goodies, that bitch. Never mind that they are all teenagers and hormones run rampant anyway. I especially don't like the virgin whore dichotomy with Celeste and Kriss. There are better ways to build character than using overdone patriarchal tropes about good girls wait and bad girls seduce people.

I don't care what happens. Maxon can have the rest of the girls as a harem, America can fall off a balcony. In fact, I hope Maxon and Aspen marry and eliminate the castes. Perhaps a book just focusing on the rebels or America's maids who are far more interesting than this claptrap.

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