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Prodigy - Marie Lu I really and truly enjoyed this series and I didn't think I would as I said in my Legend review. I am a politics nerd and it makes it very difficult to enjoy dystopias because they often come off as unrealistic if they don't explain some historical context THAT MAKES SENSE. I do a lot of international politics and there's a fair template in the world for what is possible a couple steps ahead and what does not follow. At all.

I have asked myself about various dystopian series:

Why can the government read your mind but not when it would be convenient?
Why is there no purpose to the way your society set up? Why does your society violate the laws of common sense?

(Seriously, give me one more series that sorts people out into one word concepts a la Harry Potter and someone will get kicked. That was a boarding school, not a societal model).

Excellent worldbuilding. Waiting on the next book.

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