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Insurgent - Veronica Roth Having read Divergent/Insurgent back to back, I can see why people like it but it's not for me.

1. I am a Political Science major. I spend a lot of time seeing how modern societies emerged from history and political crises. This dystopia makes no damned sense on any level especially in their government and economy. Don't let me get started on the factions. Even when I take a leap of faith here, the world building is too shoddy for me to not roll my eyes.

2. Tris is too dumb to live. For example, her inability to explain anything to Tobias, even when it would make more sense to do so. What aptitude for Erudite? She would have gotten herself killed several times over if she were not the protagonist.

3. I do really like Tobias though. And Tris' mom.

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