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Le serrurier

Le serrurier - Mathieu Fortin Je ne suis pas sure dans quel langue est ce que je dois faire une revue!

I normally don't read french books. I am bilingual but my english is much much better. Which is why I was surprised that I picked up this book and finished it without putting it down for two days because of the smooth flow of the prose.

'Le Seurrurier' follows two storylines. One, with a jeweler's apprentice in sixteenth century (or a bit later) Italy controlled by the powerful and mysterious Medici family. This is in the first person. The second follows Vincent a man who has a falling out with his partner and meets a woman named Rachel written in third person. At first the changes between the plotlines were a little taxing but I liked the way they developed the story. I can't say much without spoiling it but you won't see the ending coming.

Je suis ravi d'avoir recu un livre si intriguant. I'm looking forward to more Mathieu Fortin.

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